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This place sucks! From the owner Arthur Ettlinger to his crappy staff manager Holly to the bottom of the barrel Steve. They dont care about customer service, NOT kid friendly or even competive with thier services. I would rate this place a -5 stars. one is too many for them!If I could rate this place with negative stars I would. I took my son, his best friend and my parents here to bowl and the old lady, Holly, and hefty man, Steve, behind the counter had the worst attitudes. I had to repeat how many games and how many people 4-5 times. He rudely said "I'm just trying to figure out what you want because there are no refunds!" I paid for my games and shoes and the woman an a really nasty tone said "is there a problem?" I replied "No and asked what lane are we on?" they told me so I took my family and went to our lane. The old lady followed us to our lane, stated "I'm the manager, is there a problem?!?!" I said " No, if there was I would have asked to talk to you!' She intentionally antagonized me and my family then said "you know what, don't bother I'm giving you a refund and you need to leave!" After giving me the refund she stated "and don't ever come back!" At that point I was pissed and said "Don't worry ***! I won't be!" I called later that day for the owner, Arthur Ettlinger, and Holly said that he wasn't there and I asked if I could leave a message for him to call me back and she said "you can't leave a message you just have to try to catch him when he comes and goes" I told her that someone just told me I could leave a message and he would call back. She said, "who told you that?" I said it didn't matter who told me then asked what time he would be in, then hung up. I left a message through someone else for him to call back. When "Artie" called back, he listened to everything I had to say but heard nothing! He said she is "sweet" to everyone. I was shocked that he made no attempt to resolve anything. They do not care about their customers. To make things worse the two jerks behind the counter knew I was on the Wednesday night league and treated me and my family like *** anyways. I recruited 3 other bowlers to bowl ever Wednesday night, now in light of how they treat people, have lost 4 league members and many other customers for life. We by choice would never spend another dime in this place and spread the word about what kind of people they are. In the end, we ended up ahead, we found a way better bowling center located at near the corner of Beach Boulevard and St. Johns Bluff called Bowl America. WAYYYY nicer staff, better food and comparable prices and MUCH cleaner!!!

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Neither of these are my business.I am a consumer that was trying to have a fun time with my family.

This place is the ghetto of all bowling alleys.

Completely pathetic.



This ally is the most raciest place i ever visited,I would not recommend it to anyone.The staff are rude and ignorant !


Overall 0 / 3

I attempted to get information about this bowling alley on June 5, 2009 and the man who answered basically wasn't interested in my business. He shared that Tuesday (the day of interest) was a league night but they don't take all of the lanes. I asked if it was otherwise busy. He said, "it's a normal Tuesday." I haven't any idea was a "normal Tuesday" is there. I'm attempting to bring a group of people and don't want to show up only to find there are not any lanes available. Very poor customer service and I didn't even get to the door. Don't think they'll ever get my business. Not recommended.


Overall 1 / 3

I recommend that you pay with a credit card if you can, so you get a receipt, and keep close track of your games. I don't know if it's a bad system they are using, or the employees are incompetent and not good at simple math, but I was overcharged for 2 games last night. I think they might have a system in place to deliberately try to trick people out of money, hence the copious amounts of 'No Refund' signs everywhere, and unhelpful employees at the rental desk. Beware of your game being cut off in the middle and being told your game 'wasn't paid for'. And then when you pay again, you still get cut off again before the end of the game. Not a good end to an otherwise fun evening. The lady at the snack bar was great and the food was good.


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